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CMAM-MUSCLE06 Human Anatomical Muscle Model of Head and Neck

(600mm*10M*0.13mm thick) 60cm, Ptfe High Temperature Withstand Adhesive Teflon Tape for Food Vacuum Hot Seal, Insulation

1000ml Hydrothermal Synthesis Autoclave Reactor, High pressure digestion tank, pressure melting shells

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ED-ED004 Ent Medical Human Nose Nasal Cavity Anatomical Model, Medical Science Educational Teaching Anatomical Models

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+/-1999MV Pocket Digital Orp Meters with IP67 Waterproof & Free Shipping

CMAM-STOMACH04 Human Stomach Model Gastric Disease Model for Medical Science Study

Sta 80 Colors Dual Tips Marker Pen Set, Superb for Sketch, Design, Shade, ,Illustrate, Scribbling, etc., Alcoholic Marker Pens

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CMAM-STOMACH04 Medical Anatomy Human Stomach Gastric Disease Model , Medical Science Educational Teaching Anatomical Models

1000ml Solution filter bottle Vacuum suction filter device Sand core Solvent filtration device with filter cup & receive bottle

Labyrinth MODEL, Inner EAR,VESTIBULAR Enlargement Model , Ear Anatomical MODEL, Ear Structure MODEL, Big Ears -GASEN-RZJP076

120x70mm Ptfe motar and pestle

alcohol concentration measuring instrument Meter Tester for white wine beer wine Handheld refractometer

Advanced Ear Diagnostic Simulator,Ear diagnosis model

Medical science 100pcs human pathology slides set

Geography grinding slides

Airway Training Model BIX-J50 W040

Iso Detailed Anatomical Model of Lymphatic System

BIX/CPR480 Advanced Adult Full Body Electronic Cpr Manikin W085

The Digestive System Model BIX-A1046 WBW267

Life-Size Lower Extremity

Picas pimio eurasian roller pen black ps-915 picasso pen

Stone section slides


Anatomy factory price quality medical education biological Anatomical uterus model

The Central Nervous Conduction Electric Model BIX-A1080 WBW419

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VCM-2508 rotary biological microtome

Rocking tube Mixer, tube swinging mixer, Medical Instrument

16 times Enlarged Molar Teeth Model, Dental Caries Model

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Human Nose Mouth Throat Anatomical Model,Otolaryngology Model

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BIX/CPR100A Half Body Electronic Cpr Medical Training Manikin WBW064

Advanced Dreast Examination Model (Wearable) BIX-F14

Паркер (PARKER) город жемчужно-белый клетчатый узор ручка ролика

Model Anatomy Professional Medical Acupuncture Model 70cm

12 Position Automatic Numbering Machine Into The Number Coding Page Chapter Marking Machine Digital Stamp Burea Despachou Office

Iso Hand Section model, Anatomical Hand model

Brain with Arteries on Head,Head With Cerebral Artery Dissection Model

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Male Urethral Catheterization Simulator BIX-H70/2 W162

Programable Electric Heating Incubator with 180W Power Supply

20L Stainless Steel Water Distiller With Power off automatically When Lack of Water

Intravenous Transfusion Hand & Elbow, hand and elbow Intravenous Transfusion arm

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Male Reproductive System Model Anatomy Of The Male REPRODUCTIVE,MALE Reproductive ,MALE Genital Urinary System MODEL-GASEN-SZ011

MINI-10K Micro Laboratory 10000RPM Centrifuge Led Display Micro Centrifugal Time Setting

DongYun brand Human ear labyrinth anatomica model,cochlea model Medical organs teaching supplies 1:18

CMAM-DENTAL26 Teaching Model Of Abscess Excision In Oral Surgery, Medical Science Educational Teaching Anatomical Models

BIX/CPR160 Advanced Infant Cpr Medical Training Manikin WBW157

New Pro 375MM badge Making Machine + Circle Cutter+ pin buttons+Magnetic button 75MMbadge Package

Lower Jaw of 18-year-old, Dentition Model, Teeth Model

BIX-J5S Electronic Airway Intubation Model (with Teeth Compression Alarm Device)

Set of Magnified Teeth Model, Adult Teeth Model

Adult Tracheotomy Nursing Simulator / Adult Trachea Incision Nursing MANIKIN,TRACHEOTOMY Nursing SIMULATOR-GASEN-NSM0045

5L High borosilicate GG3.3 Din Vacuum chemical Glass reactor with Ptfe mixer for laboratory distillation equipment

TWCL-T-2000ml Temperature adjustable magnetic stirrer heating mantle

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Iso Fertilization of ovum model, Anatomical Model of Fertilization Process Simulator

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BIX-H1 New Type Of Multifunctional Internship Medical Training Female Care Model W018

Economic Basic Patient Care Manikin, Female Nursing Manikin,Nursing Mannequin

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A set of 60mm compatible Mecanum Wheels (4 pieces) 14144

28 pcs Boro 3.3 Glass chemistry Laboratory glassware kit, vacuum distillation unit,flask+condenser pipe+PTFE Stirrer and so on

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Vivid Iv Elbow Training Model, Elbow Venipuncture,Intravenous Infusion and Transfusion Training Model

Menstrual Cycle Model,Synchronism of Ovarian And Endometrial Changes

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Upper arm Intramuscular Injection and Contrastive Model,Transparent Contrastive Intramuscular Injection System Model

10000ml 1pc/lot aspirator bottle with ground-in glass stopper and stopcock for serving wine or water

Human Skull Brain Model With Eight Parts,Senior Skull Brain Model,Skull Brain Combination Model

CMAM-DENTAL06 Oral Dental Typodont Model , Medical Science Educational Dental Teaching Models

CMAM-SPINE06 Life-Size Sternum with Transpaeent Rib for Medical School Education

Advanced Anatomical Model of Fetus with Viscus and Placenta, Baby model

Free shipping, 250ml School stirring laboratory heating mantle

Ce Approved 3L Laboratory Reaction apparatus /Jacketed glass reactor

40-1600X Binocular Biological Microscope with Electric Light

Pin Blank Badge Material 1.5(37mm) 2000sets Plastic back side,Badge Machine parts

CMAM-SKULL01-1 Human Skull Model with Cervical Spine Model with Brain ,Medical Science Educational Teaching Anatomical Models

2000ML Ptfe reagent bottle big mouth

Ostomy Care Simulator,Ostomy Nursing Model

XJX-4XA Monocular Head Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

Dual Sex Torso Model with Open Back and Internal Organs, 32 Parts Human Torso model with 333 Marks

240mm Vacuum White Glass desiccator jar lab dessicator dryer Lab glassware Kit Tools lab drying equipment

Iso Advanced Infant Arterial Puncture arm Model, Arterial Puncture Training Simulator

Teeth MEDICAL, Dentures Dental Teaching MODEL,ANATOMICAL Oral MODEL,ORTHODONTIC Tooth , Dental Teeth Model -GASEN-DEN0019

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YLN-30 Colony counter Bacteria quantity counting machine Bacterial tester Built-in magnifying glass Lab supplies

127mm-Stainless-Steel-Mecanum-wheel-with-PU-right/Left 14190

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BIX/CPR260 Advanced Half Body Cpr Medical Training Manikin WBW153

China Glass Reactor manufacturer sell5L biofilm reactor with condensor with SUS304 heating water bath for distillation

Wooden and Steel Structure Conner Bench with High Temperature Wooden Laboratory Desk

Anatomical MODEL,SUTURE MODEL,INCISION And Suture Perineum Skills MODEL,FEMALE Internal Genital Organs MODEL-GASEN-SZ024

Ent Medical Nasal Anatomical MODEL, Muzzle Nose Cavity Structure MODEL,HUMAN Anatomy Model Ear Nose Throat MODEL-GASEN-EBH004

BIX-J50 Medical Science Airway Training Model,Trachea Intubation Training Model G053

1000ml Heating Mantle with Magnetic Stirrer 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz

Advanced Lnfant Obstruction Manikin BIX-J140 WBW090

Peripheral Puncture Central Venous Catheterization Simulator BIX-L67A WBW227

500g High Precision Balance with 0.001g Measuring Scales Digital Balance Weight Scale

Advanced Elder Venipuncture Training Arm, Elderly arm venipuncture training model

400X Student Monocular 45 degree Inclined Biological Microscope

Elbow Joint Intra-cavitary Injection Training Simulator,Articular Puncture Training Model

Medical science skeletal model type Human skeleton model with colored muscle

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BIX-H1 New Type Of Female Advanced Multifunction Nursing Training Manikin For Internship WBW110

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BIX-H58 Advanced Adult Tracheotomy Nursing Simulator W193

0.08mm thick 180mm*33M Length, Heat Withstand Poly imide tape fit for Electrical, Lithium Battery Polarity Protection

Advanced Abdominocentesis Simulator model, Abdominal puncture training model, Abdominocentesis model

Arteriovenous Structure Model,Arterial And Venous Anatomy Model,Vascular Model

Professional Handheld Infrared Temperature Meter With Alarm Function

Advanced Trauma Manikin,Full Body Simulation Trauma Manikin,Injuriy Nursing Dummy

Hot Muscles of Leg with Main Vessels and Nerves, Leg Muscles model

Skeleton with Muscles and Ligaments 180cm Tall, Human Skeleton

BIX-CK817 Pericardial Puncture Intracardiac Lnjection Training Manikin MQ157

CMAM-EAR08 Large Size Section Model of Corti Organ Ear Models,Ear-Eye-Nose-Throat Models > Ear Models

Model 85 cm Body Anatomy ,The Male And Female Genitals Interchangeable Torso Model

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BIX-FW2 Advanced Electronic Pregnant Women Examination Manikin MQ112

(160mm*55M*0.13mm) 3M 468MP 200MP Double Sided Adhesive Tape, High Temperature Resist

BIX-LV19 Medical Model Preoperative Asepsis Operation Training Manikin MQ141

15000ml suction flask+300mm buchner funnel,Filtration Buchner Funnel Kit,With Heavy Wall Glass Flask,Laboratory Chemistry

BIX-L65A medical Training Bone Puncture Femoral Vein Puncture Model MQ63

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BIX-J50 Trachea Intubation, Classic Trachea Weasand Intubation Cannula Training Model WBW074

BIX-J5S Airway Lntubation Manikin (Teeth Compression Alarm Device), Trachea Cannula Model WBW075

Female Transparent Catheterization Simulator,Urethral Catheterization Training Model

Deluxe Male pelvis Model (4 parts) , Anatomy Median Section of Male Pelvis Model

CMAM-SKELETON01 Life-size 170cm Skeleton Medical Anatomical Models

Human Skeleton Model Anatomical Model Medical Teaching Model Medical Human Skeleton 85CM Human Skeleton MODEL-GASEN-GL001

ST60-4 Laboratory Micro-Plate Shaker with 4 pcs of Plates Thermostatic Incubator

ZNCL-GS 130*60mm Intelligent digital Laboratory magnetic Oil bath or water bath

BIX-CK34001 Medical Lumbar Vertebra Puncture Newborn Infant Manikin MQ133

Electronic Half Body Cpr Training Manikin, First aid Model,CPR Dummy

BIX-LF2 Advanced Surgical Suturing Training Leg Model G101

CMAM-HEART09 Numbered Human Heart Anatomy w/ 3 parts Movable ,Medical Science Educational Teaching Anatomical Models

Pilot 0.5mm erasable pen lfb-20ef 20f 20pcs/lot

1pcs ZY-380 Automatic Coding machine plastic bag printer date printer ink coding machine

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BIX-F52 Advanced Medical Teaching Series Model Delivery Childbirth Mechanism Manikin MQ081

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Human Teeth Model 5pcs, Incisor Teeth, Canine Teeth and Molar Teeth model

Magnified Heart Anatomical Model, Adult Heart Model

8 Inch Heavy Duty Mecanum Wheels Nexus 14138( Load Capacity:240kg/set)

Big Size 3000ml Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer Heating Mantle

1 set stamp mould / die set/ punch for the Double punch tablet press machine Die size 12-25MM

1320ul 1mm Path Length Quartz Cell Flow Cuvette With Glass Tube Connector

Advanced Buttocks Intramuscular Injection Training Model, Hip injection simulator

Advanced Lnfant Full-Body Venipuncture Manikin BIX-FS9 WBW313

BIX-H140 Advance Medical Teaching,Model Infant Nursing Manikin W182

Breast Self Examination Practice Model,Breast Examination and Diagnostic Training Simulator

Advanced Wrist Arthroscopy Model, Medical Examination Training Hand Joint Model

15000g Electronic Balance 1g Scale Measuring Scale Large Range Balance and Weight Balance

50cm 3D Human Anatomy model Human torso Assembly Model Visceral Anatomical Model

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DongYun brand Foot anatomical model with joint ,muscle, nerve Blood, vessel and Ligament professional medical Science

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Advanced Bust Cpr Manikins(Without Printer) BIX/CPR230 W094

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152mm(6 Inch) Stainless Steel Mecanum Wheel 4Pieces (150kg Payload)14156

Anatomy of the torso model 85CM Male Torso 19 Parts

Medical Anatomical Model, Human Fertilization and Intermediate Embryogeny

New MY-380F Ink Wheel Coding Machine Ink Wheel Marking Machine Automatically Continuous Marking Machine 180W 220V/110V 50Hz/60Hz

Bdjk Cellhome-12 Freezing Container with 12*1ml ~2ml Frozen Pipes or Tubes

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Pathological Gastric Anatomical MODEL, Anatomical Model Of Organ TISSUE,,HUMAN Organs Model Gastric Profile MODEL-GASEN-XH005

ZNJR-B-C-230x230mm Intelligent heating plate

Microscope digestive system prepared slides set

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Iso Intramuscular Injection Training Model, Iv Injection Pad, Injection Practice Pad

BIX-CPR480 Cpr Training Manikin Advanced Automatic Computer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Cpr Model

80*53mm Rectangular fridge magnet badge Making Machine including mold with 200sets magnet button material

Eight Parts Pregnancy Fetal Development Process Model ,Pregnancy Fetal Development Process Model

Demonstrantion Model of childbirth ,human anatomy model

3-Year-Old Child Nursing Training Manikin, Nursing Care Baby,Baby Nursing Training

CMAM-HEART17 Magnified Smooth Muscle Cardiac Muscle Fiber Model, Medical Science Educational Teaching Anatomical Models

Development Process for Fetus, Fetus/Embryo Development Process Model

Advanced Arm Venipuncture And Deltoid Muscle Injection Model BIX-HS2 W117

MINI-10K 10000rpm Laboratory Digital Mini Centrifuge with 7500g Centrifuged Force for Medical Equipment

Advanced Vacuum Delivery Simulator, Midwifery training model, accouchement model

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Deluxe Male Genital Organs model, Anatomy Genitals model

Free shipping, Stirring Volume max 80L Laboratory overhead stirrer

2500ml High Pressure Equalizing Funnel, with 2 Ptfe stopcocks,

Advanced Female Urethral Catheterization Manikin,Urine Catheter Nursing Simulator

Breast Examination SIMULATOR, Breast Self Examination MODEL,BREAST Examination MODEL,BREAST Self Examination MODEL-GASEN-GPM0016

BIX-J140 Senior Medical First Aid Infant Choke Model G040

5 C to 250 C Programable Electric Heating Blast Drying Oven with Digital Display

BIX-H1 New Type Of Multifunctional Internship Medical Training Female Care Model WBW048

Hot Sales advanced blood pressure training arm

Iso Advanced Male Bladder Puncture Simulator, Vesicopuncture Training Model

Electronic Airway Lntubation Model(With Alarm Device) BIX-J51 WBW168

Iso Advanced 30-Week Premature Infant Nursing Manikin, Realistic Baby Doll

Kingfom 5 pcs Modern Upscale Leather Office Supplies Sets, Stationery Storage Box, Pen Holder Desk Sets Black T08K

20L Stainless steel Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer and Heater (including Washing Basket)

22L Stainless steel Ultrasonic Cleaner with Timer and Heater (including Washing Basket)

Human Anatomical Body Integral Organ distribution Skin Medical Teach Model School Hospital Hi-Q

Advanced Body Cpr Training Manikin Model , First Aid MANIKIN, Male Cpr MANIKIN, Half Body Cpr Training Manikin -GASEN-CPRM0008P

0-35% Digital Salt Meters with Auto Temperature Compensation Free Shipping

Deluxe Office Desktop 6-Piece Set Pen Pencil Holder File Rack Stationery Organizer Box Tissue Dispenser Ashtray T02 Black/Brown

HH-6 Digital Lab Thermostatic Water Bath Double Hole Electric Heating 220V Laboratory Supplies

[Pre Order] CMAM-TF09 Skull Repair Surgery Practice Model for Medical Education

500ml Solvent Distillation Head, Still Head, with high vacuum valves

CMAM-DENTAL29 Teaching Model Of Oral Denture Preparation ,Medical Science Educational Teaching Anatomy Models

BIX-H111 The Full Function Trauma Nursing Manikin Wound Nursing Simulator WBW073

1L High Borosilicate Lab Jacketed Reactor/ Jacketed double layer Glass Reactors/ Jacketed glass reaction vessel distributor pric

Free shipping, 3L Digital Display heating mantle

DZTW-5000 5000ml,220V,1000W Electric Heating Mantle Sleeves Pointer Type Max Temperature 380C, Laboratory Heating Equipments

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CMAM-CPR01 Oral and Nasal Cavity Intubation Training Simulator Model, Medical Science Educational Teaching Anatomical Models

BIX-J50 Airway Training Model Trachea Intubation Training Model WBW359

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1000ml Quartz Glass Oxygen combustion flask

Iso Lactating Breasts Anatomical Model,Female Breast Model,Breast Anatomy Teaching Model

Sculpture Tools Carved Plastic Knife Diy Soft Clay Clay Hand Made Ultra-Light Clay Pottery 22 Sets Of Soft Pottery

Cattle Acupuncture Model, Animal Acupuncture Model